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The paradox of Consumer Behavior is the fact that humans ‘ThinkFeel’ about stuff. Emotions the rationalizing. Measuring analyzing, logic, instinct, in the same second.

This gets even more interesting when it comes to buying. A positive response of sorts. After all, one is picking something in return for what he/she possess. He wants max value if not more.

And we’re wired to be in the state of inertia (the law). Not just that, consumers want to thinkfeel only good about each buying decision they make.

Mind you that is no small a feat to achieve. There are numerous nuances, the Consumer is getting more and more complex. They have higher aspirations and available choices. To top it up, the competition to win their attention is fierce. And, the forever changing influences.

All of this and more makes the development of a winner brand, product, service an intense, consuming, exciting exercise.

Be that as it may, you may crack one, but how to figure out a compelling way to reach out to the consumer. It’s an expertise – a specialist’s job.

When it comes to Marketing of any kind, the mantra is, stay relevant to a need.

In this tech-driven, super-connected consumer, super active social tribes, sharing obsessed population, you rather, always, have more information than what is required. But the difference lies in knowing what to do with this overload of information.

Insights and analysis is the answer – a trained mind n heart that will curate not just the data but catches the underlying emotional need.

The right balance of this ‘thinkfeeling’. It is then when the magic happens.

It isn’t easy as evident. Working it out is very consuming, both from the time and money perspective. This is where we ‘the Marketing Thinking’ come into the scheme of things.

The Marketing Thinking (tMt) is a collection of views and insights on Consumer Marketing.

A platform where you find easy access to curated content. That helps you spot the priceless actionable ‘insight’ at no cost and at least of an effort.

the marketing thinkingWith the Marketing Thinking, you gain knowledge into the consumer. We pluck out all the unnecessary weed, offering the best collection of content on Marketing and Consumer buying behavior.

Marketing Thinking is your Insights Hacker. The concise, well-presented content by top experts, articles, case studies and reports are all at no cost.  

Pick, steal an insight, use it as you want, we don’t mind it. 

As you discover the insights browsing through the content, you’ll come across multiple ideas and approaches that will trigger, inspire, initiate new thoughts and ideas.

about usBounce them off with us without any hesitation. We love ideas of all types.

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Contribute, inspire others by what you know. It may be a presentation, infographic, document or video.

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